Frolicat’s Twitch Interactive Toy

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FroliCat HC1 Twitch Teaser Cat ToyPlaytime is very important for the well being of your cat. Without play cats can become lethargic and distant. It is vital that you are part of that play time with your cat. However, for instance what happens when you are away at work?

With Frolicat's Twitch interactive toy there are no worries. Your cat can have hours of playtime with this automatic interactive toy even when you are away. This feather cat toy can be programmed for one session or multiple sessions while you are not there. Many features make this the perfect toy for your cat.

This cat product has suction cups to enable it is stick to any surface. There is a beep which announces to your cat that a play session is starting. The toy has a ball, feather and bell which encourages your cat to bat and swing.

A play session is 10 minutes long. If you press the power button once it will start a 10 minute session.

If you press and hold the power button, the device will be programmed for multiple play sessions throughout the day. This is a fantastic product for those who work everyday and can only play with their cat when not working. This toy will assure that your cat has proper play and exercise time always.

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