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Freya @ 3 months

Freya @ 3 months

My Name is Freya, you met my brother Freyr way back on September 26 he was Ragdoll of the Week.  Mom is a bit slow on getting my story typed up *sheesh*  I am a blue colour point Ragdoll, from Rocknragz Cattery in Okotoks Alberta.

I am 2 years old now.  Mom brought me home a week after my littermate, the above mentioned Freyr, and he hasn’t stopped bugging me since. (I love him though, just don’t tell him). When we were little I was so much bigger then Freyr, now he is much bigger then I am. I liked it when I was bigger.

I had a very hard time after my spaying, I was one of those few kitties would was allergic to my stitches and one let go.  I had to have another operation a week later to fix a hernia.  I was cooped up and in the cone of shame for 2 whole months.  It was not a happy time for me or my Mom.  My Mom was having

F and F bookends

F and F bookends

to deal with me and grandma (she fell and was in hospital) and Daddy and my human brother were in a car accident (they were not badly hurt) all in the same week.  I told Mom she wasn’t allowed to put pictures of me taken then here (they are on her blog though).  Mom says the operations and all the time I had to be kept away from playing changed both me and Freyr.  Mom says we were both very cuddly until then – not afterwards.



Freyr taught me to like the “big” dog Macleod, once I grew he was not so big.  I loved Mac, even if he couldn’t see or hear much anymore.  I loved giving him head butts and purring for him.  He went a way this summer, but some day a long time from now I will see him again, he wait in Summerland for us.

I don’t eat paper like Freyr does, so I can help Mommy make cards and stuff  although  I do have a thing for plastic.  I am not into catnip or treats, so it is hard for Mommy to find something to spoil me with.  I am not a cuddle muffin, but love to be in the same room or helping Mommy.  I have been known to sit on the

Freya with MR

Freya with MR

Kobo so she can’t read (pet me) or on her laptop so she can’t play Farmville (I have started downloads on my own too, funny she wasn’t too happy about that). Mom gets kind of cranky when I change the keyboard to French, I think there should a a cat setting.  I love to lay in Mom’s card making supplies while she is creating, I even help with the picture taking.

Freya helping with cards

Freya helping with cards

This summer Mom brought home two more kittens, I like them, they keep Freyr entertained *snicker* and they are great for snuggle sleeping.

Sometimes when the boys get too rowdy at night Mom lets just me and Katie (our older DSH sister) be in her bedroom, I like that. I can sleep with out getting licked to the point of being soaking wet by Freyr or being chased from the spot on the bed I chose to sleep.  Sometimes you just have to have girl time you know.


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  1. Beth says:

    Such beautiful littermates and such a good story! Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Thank YOU, Rebecca, for taking the pictures and telling the story from Freya’s viewpoint. So delightful 🙂

  3. Ling says:

    Adorable! Well written, I loved reading your Ragdoll of the Week. You and your family had a very rough week – I am glad things are better now!

  4. Jeanette says:

    What a precious baby! Thank you for sharing her story and the beautiful pictures~

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