Flying Saucer Felt and Ribbon Cat Toys by Moderncat Studio

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The Flying Saucer Felt and Ribbon Cat Toys by Moderncat Studio are light yet durable and can soar through the air while your cat plays with it. They’re made of felt and even have catnip inside to make the experience cosmic so your cats can have fun.

The ribbons on the side make it perfect for your cats to grab with their paws or mouth, or you can grab them and toss them back at them, creating a lot of fun for you and your pet. This hip little toy is so totally cute and ideal for cats of all sizes to play with.

Flying Saucer Felt and Ribbon Cat Toys by Moderncat StudioThe Flying Saucer Felt and Ribbon Cat Toys measure less than 3 inches and come in a variety of combination colors.

Giving your pet simple cat toys such as these items encourages them to use their imagination. Since it is filled with catnip, your cat will be more motivated to find ways to make it spin up in the air.

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