Double Elevated Cat Bowl Feeder

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Double Elevated Cat Bowl FeederWhen owning and parenting a seal mitted Ragdoll or any breed of cat, one of the priorities a cat owner should take is to look for the best cat food bowls – afterall, you want something you and your cat are going to like for their lifetime which is 15 years or more.

The Double Elevated Cat Bowl Feeder is perfect for your finicky Ragdoll cat. This cat bowl feeder is another sleek, modern-designed cat product from Modern Cat Designs. It is executed with a steel plated stand that is 4 1/2" high from the ground which brings an easy connection between your cat and the food.

With its double elevated design, your cat can surely eat and drink comfortably without any interruptions. Its base has non-skid silicones to prevent the bowl from slipping at the same time protect your floor from scratches.

Buy Modern Cat Designs Double Elevated Cat Bowl Feeder for $49.99.

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