Does Your Cat Lay on the Radiator?

| January 5, 2012 | 7 Comments

I guess in order for your cat to lay on the radiator, you have to have a radiator, so my cats don’t but I wonder if they would if we did.

My Aunt has radiant heat, here is her kitty Maddie on the radiator.

Maddie on Radiator

Reader Submissions of their Ragdoll Cats on Radiators:

Nolte owned by Lynn  Her mirror twin on the radiator.

Nolte owned by Lynn Her mirror twin on the radiator.

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  1. Katie Mathes says:

    My Ragdoll kitten Oliver will fall asleep on my heat vents and when the heat kicks on it will scare him at first then he will lay his head back down on the vent and go to sleep again. He does this all the time even though it scares him…such a silly boy!!

  2. Lynn Freeman says:

    I call this one Nolte’s mirror twin. She loves sitting on the radiator to see herself.
    Nolte, Blue Bicolor owned by Lynn

  3. We used to have heat vents in the kitchen window seat, and everyone here would sleep on them. When we had the wall re-done the heat vents are now in front of it – but everyone loves to still sleep there and take a sun bath.

  4. Geo says:

    Funny, my Raggie, Valentino, just did this the other day! He was playing up there with a teaser toy that I was wiggling in his face and he suddenly laid down on the warm radiator, slowly closed his eyes and vegged out. It was sooo cute! I’d like to get a cover for the radiator so that he can lounge here more comfortably. It’s warm but bumpy!

  5. Betty says:

    I love the pictures here! Cats are so funny.
    I have a cover on one of my radiators because it is a favorite place for my guys and I was worried about burnt paws. I put a small bed on it and attached a lucite bird feeder to the top half of the window above the radiator. A 3 cats sit on the cover, sleep in the bed and watch/jump for the birds at the feeder. It has become a central part of their day and they share the space with each other. My other radiators have towels or blankets on the tops to protect their feet and provide a warm & comfy bed, but their favorite is the radiator right under the window – double warm – sunshine & radiator – plus entertainment!

  6. Nickysmom says:

    We don’t have radiators but we do have floor registers where the warm air from the furnace blows out. Nicky (Ragdoll) doesn’t lay on them at all but our other 2 cats (DSH) love them!

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