DIY Inclined Cardboard Cat Scratcher for Ragdoll Cat Truffles

| September 28, 2014 | 4 Comments

DIY Inclined Cardboard Cat Scratcher for Ragdoll Cat TrufflesFloppycats’ reader, Carolyn, sent in the following photos, which I thought were fun to share.

“Jenny, My cat Truffles likes a cardboard scratcher. When I first got her I bought a scratching post that had different textures all around it. Rug, Rope and one side with a brush. She paid no attention to any of it. I thought oh no she will scratch the furniture to pieces but she was pretty easy on the furniture but loves the side of the TV and the patio screen. So I thought I would look at trying to find a different cat scratcher. I saw one made all of cardboard the scratcher and the box that held the scratcher. [I think she’s talking about the KONG Naturals Incline Scratcher Cat Toy].  It did not cost much so I thought it was worth trying it out. Truffles took to it right away and uses it all the time. My only thing is the box that housed the scratcher seem to not last. So one day I was at my parents house they are 80 and 85 years old my dad the 85 year old likes to go in to his man cave ( the Basement and work with wood he made me out of wood a box so I could add the cardboard scratcher and change it as needed he even added a string with a ball attached. I brought it home and painted all sides of it. Here are some pictures. Thanks for all you do I love reading all your posts and love the video’s and your cats are so cute. and I have learned a lot from your site. Carolyn ”

DIY Inclined Cardboard Cat Scratcher for Ragdoll Cat Truffles

DIY Inclined Cardboard Cat Scratcher for Ragdoll Cat Truffles

DIY Inclined Cardboard Cat Scratcher for Ragdoll Cat Truffles


DIY Inclined Cardboard Cat Scratcher for Ragdoll Cat Truffles

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  1. JLSmithson says:

    Ya know, I would buy one of those. Or at least a pattern for it. Our boys decimate all cardboard so this would be a great thing!

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    That is SOOOOO beautiful!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing that. Your Truffles is a very very lucky kitty to have a grandfather who takes such care and a Mom who paints so beautifully. What a beautiful piece – a real masterpiece! Now, if you could just get my husband to make one of those…….♥

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    Hi, Jenny & Carolyn!

    Jenny, thanks for sharing Carolyn’s story with all of us! Great post!

    Carolyn, thanks for sending Jenny your story about your beautiful Truffles (great name, btw!) and the wonderful way you took a simple cardboard scratcher toy and tailored it so beautifully! Your dad is AWESOME to still be loving his wood working at age 85! He did a great job making that box for you and Truffles. The ball and string addition is so adorable, too. YOU did a wonderful job of painting it and adding Truffles’ name to it. The artwork on the box if soooooo cute (just like your Truffles)! WTG!

    I just lurve, lurve, lurve these types of stories about how much we all love our beautiful kittehs and what we do for them to make their life as special as they’ve made ours….

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  4. Becca Dutill says:

    WAY TO GO DAD…!.!.!

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