Cosmo – A Seal Mitted Ragdoll Kitten

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Ragdoll CatThis is our most loved baby "Cosmo", thought Id share a picture of him. We’ve had him a month… Wow!!! I cant believe it… He is the most amazing baby I’ve ever see, He is soooo sweet, our little love bug~!
Loves to play, think I need to buy some new toys soon! Lol! thinks he is already a big boy and pounces on our 8 year old cat……. He makes us laugh all the time…. I think we can all agree this is the best breed ever!!!! We can not keep our hands off him…… Every time we see him, we are all fighting (my husband and son) to see who’s going to give him hugs and kisses first…. Soooo funny! And He loves every minute of it!
Thanks again for your site I just love it!
Gena from Michigan!

Kitty’s Name: Cosmo
Name: Gena
Where: Michigan

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