Corner Litter Cabinet by the Refined Feline

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Corner Litter Cabinet by the Refined FelineHere is a unique cat furniture that will make your home become more stylish while hiding what can be an offensive-looking litter box. The Corner Litter Cabinet by the Refined Feline comes in 3 different wood colors which are honey, mahogany or espresso, and aside from being a corner functional table, it has special features integrated into it that makes it into more than just a piece of cozy cat furniture. 

It comes with it’s own specially designed litter box that fits perfectly into the cabinet. There are two rear vents that will aid air circulation, and you have the option to place odor-eating carbon filters to reduce any smells from a cat’s waste. There is also an option to put in a plug-in deodorizer that sucks in the air to get rid of bad odors, and serves the double purpose of being a night light.

Right outside the access way of the Corner Litter Cabinet is a wooden litter catching tray that will remove the litter that is stuck to a cat’s paws when they exit the cabinet. The litter catcher tray can be cleaned by opening up a bottom flap to remove the litter that was trapped inside.

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