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Loved by: Laura Moran

I’d like to introduce my sweet little kitty, Coco.  Before we brought our Coco-puff home, I was not familiar with the Ragdoll breed.  My husband and I, newly married in December 2011, saw Coco at the local pet store in Tokyo and instantly fell in love with her.  Prior to seeing Coco, my husband was a bit reticent about having a pet, but once we saw her all of that apprehension seemed to fade away.

We decided to take a few days to think about it.  I secretly visited the pet shop to see her during the week while my husband was at work.  I did some research about the ragdoll breed as well and was happy to read about their many positive traits.  The next time my husband and I went to look at Coco, he insisted that we should get her.  Since I had been the one campaigning to get a pet, I was delighted to hear this.  The next day we brought her home.



I moved to Tokyo to be with my husband five weeks after we got married.  He works for a company in Tokyo and had actually been living here for a year and a half before we got married.  The long-distance relationship was a challenge, but the long wait was worth it as we are now thoroughly enjoying our new life together with Coco!

It was only when we got Coco that I learned she was born on the same day I left the USA to move to Tokyo on January 13, 2012.  I think of Coco as a symbol for the beginning of my new life in Tokyo.  We brought her home at 8 weeks old on March 11, 2012, which was the one-year anniversary of the earthquake in the Tohoku region of Japan.

Coco is very special to me because in addition to my husband she has been my companion during my adjustment to life in Japan.  My husband works very long hours during the week and travels quite a bit in Asia as well, so having a little friend to keep me company while he is away has been wonderful.  She has a great personality – playful, friendly to visitors, snuggly, and best of all – very entertaining!



Some of her favorite things to do are to climb inside boxes, bags, buckets, etc. and to gaze out of the windows of our apartment, which look out onto Tokyo.  She also loves it when my husband takes her outside to play.  When we watch TV, she often will sit near the front of the screen so as to take part in watching our favorite shows and movies.

Some of Coco’s nicknames include Coco-puff, Puff of Fluff, Muffin, Madame Stinkin’ von Tinkin’, and more!  She is getting so big and her coloring is changing from when we first brought her home.  We love watching her grow and look forward to many happy memories with her.








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  1. JLSW says:

    Totally adorable! What a lucky girl!

  2. Suzanne says:

    What a beautiful, and sweet looking kitty! She will surely entertain and love you for years to come!!

  3. Sondi Moore says:

    AWWE, a tri-colored Rag Doll, isn’t she delish! My TCRD is 16 and seeing your photos reminds me when we got Baby. I love looking into that multi-colored face and blue eyes. Just remember, tell her 150 times a day how beautiful she is and that you love her to pieces. She is going to bring you years of joy and happiness and make you know you are the luckiest family to have brought her into your life. She’s gorgeous!!!!

  4. Pat Duerksen says:

    What a little dolly!! Aren’t Ragdoll’s the most amazing cats in the world?

  5. Laura says:

    So cute! It always makes adjustments in living arrangements, any kind of changes in life, everyday living, better when shared with a companion animal. Especially with these sweet little souls.

  6. Beth says:

    EVERYTHING is better when shared with a kitty! They comfort us when we’re sad or sick and try to make us happy all the time 🙂

    Thanks for telling Coco-Puff’s story and showing her beautiful pictures!!! I’ll bet she gets as much attention as a movie star would when you take her outside.

  7. Laura says:

    That is *the* most darling little kitten – what a sweet face! She reminds me so much of our dear Ragdoll who passed away at age 17 almost a year ago. We adopted her as a 2 year old and never got to see her as a kitten, but I imagine she looked much like your Coco. Thanks for sharing her story!

  8. Serafina says:

    We came to Tokyo as well for couple of years and are very much looking forward to getting a female ragdoll kitty.Does anyone know reputable dealer? Perhaps Coco was lucky enough to be a mother by now?
    Will be grateful for any information

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