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We adopted Chewbacca aka Chewie from Melissa Keefer (Pretty Kitty Ragdolls in Vestal, NY) December 4, 2010. I visited a month before to meet all the kittens in the litter (born September 15th), six babies from a seal bi-color mom named Starr and a blue point dad named Sampson. I wanted to meet all of the kittens and see which one was “mine” already.

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Alise and Chewie

Chewie was the last kitten to meet me. He was the one for sure as soon as I held him. I held all the kittens and all of the others were not too jazzed to be near a stranger, they were still very small and wary of new scents. But Chewie was okay with me holding him like a baby. He just looked up at me with curiousity and flopped both front paws down, something he still does to this day. He was my clear choice! Maybe he really picked me.

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Alise and Chewie

It was a long drive home from Binghamton to New York City, about 4 hours. Chewie cried a little in the car, but then fell asleep. He adjusted very quickly to his new home, and was greeted daily with new visitors. He is still a very popular kitty! Every time I have a new friend over to meet him, he does not hide or act afraid. He is always cuddly, friendly and playful.

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Chewie nappingHe's a talkative fellow. I thought at first he was just crying for his family, but no, he still talks to me almost all of the time. But! He only talks to me. When friends visit, he's quiet!! People don't really believe me that he talks so much. Lately he is cuddlier than ever. I hold him like a baby and he wraps his paws around my arms and falls asleep. He is a really great cat. I feel like every ragdoll owner thinks their cat might be the best cat ever. Chewie is no exception!Chewie

And now, some of Chewie’s favorite things: his toys, his cat condo, sleeping on my head, the bath mat (he rolls around on it as much as possible), sniffing any food we are eating, trying to go inside of the fridge, sitting in my lap like a human and falling asleep, fetching, and “dribbling” his toys across the floor. He actually doesn’t mind a bath, and he thinks his brush and his FURminator are toys. I have to get him while he’s sleepy to brush him. No problems clipping his nails, either. I love Chewie, and I can’t wait for more adventures with him!

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Pretty Kitty Ragdolls Chewie

chewiemarch11 Chewie   Ragdoll of the Week

Chewie in March 2011

chewiemarch11two Chewie   Ragdoll of the Week

Chewie in March 2011

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Chewie in March 2011

nursery chewie march11 Chewie   Ragdoll of the Week

Chewie in March 2011

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  1. Melody says:

    Chewie is adorable and I love his nickname!

  2. Sondi Moore says:

    That’s a tummy that deserve a full face kiss. What a cutie.

  3. Dave says:

    I have 3 Raggies, that I acquired from Melissa. My youngest, Ouisir, probably played with Chewie, since they both were under Melissa’s care at the same time. Certainly the parents of the kittens have something to do with their personalities, but Melissa’s belief in having them be part of the family when they are with her, adds that extra something to their personalities, making them loving, purring Raggie companions!

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