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Cats EyesWhile surfing the Net for a number of things, I come across some great cat blogs and one that I recently found is the Cat's Eyes – Cat Lover Site on Blogspot. The site appears to include all sorts of gathered information regarding cats and based on the research might be beneficial to cat lovers.

There is a page on the site where you can download a book about how to take care of pregnant cat.

If you are a Ragdoll cat owner and/or lover, then you might enjoy the post about 5 Weird Cat Breed Folktales.  Among the 5 breeds mentioned, is the Ragdoll and some of the myths about how Ragdoll kitties came into existence – pretty wild how rumors can get spread around!

You can also check out Cat's Eyes Amazon Store to see what sort of cat products they recommend.

Most recently, you can check out their Cat theme Halloween Decoration page.

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What are some of your favorite cat blogs?  I want to hear about them and check them out – so please do include them in the comments below!


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