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Ragdoll BooksTo complete your cat gyms, a litter box is a must. When it comes to changing your cat’s litter box, it can be a messy and dirty chore. Catgenie has come up with an innovative way of taking out the need to clean your cat’s litter box by yourself.

The Catgenie 120 is a self-washing and self-flushing cat box. Built with a litter bowl filled with granules that captures the urine and solid waste, it comes with a SaniSolution cartridge that works to decontaminate the granules to remove excess water and bad smell. The cartridge is good for 120 washes.

The Catgenie 120 also dries itself with a use of an aerotor and can even be set to automatic or manual modes. You can leave your home, knowing your cat’s litter box will stay clean.

Buy CatGenie 120 through for $269.99.

Have you tried other Catgenie products before? What did you think about them? For more info on ragdoll cats and how to care for them, pick up our ragdoll cat guide today!

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