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Infected Cat Zit

Cats can get zits just like humans (as shown above). However, cat zits start out as little black specks under the chin. Scroll down to see the video of Caymus’ zits—these are the little black specks.

If you don’t clean these off your cat’s chin, they can get infected, turning into what humans more readily recognize acne white heads (as shown above). Yes, cats get acne. Usually it is just on the chin and it isn’t all that uncommon.

There are different theories on why cats get acne. Some believe it is a result of their chin touching their food (and honestly the black specks do look like food debris sometimes), whereas others think that it is from hormonal issues. Murphy and Caymus live in the same house, have the same father, yet Murphy’s zits are ten times worse than Caymus’ and Rags never had many at all.

Should your cat acquire the whitehead version of feline zits, then it is best to pop the zits. Yes, pop the zits. The feline acne is a little different than human acne. The whitehead part of a cat zit becomes very hard and when popped looks more like a little grain of rice. So, if you keep up with your cat’s zits, after a month or two, they should go away.

Another popular opinion is to wash your kitty’s chin with benzol-peroxide wash or a diluted version of dandruff shampoo might help as well. As it will help clean the skin and keep it clear of cat zits.

Some folks use a swab/pat down of luke warm very strong black tea water helps.

If you are interested in reading further about caring for your cat, please visit’s Health Care Page, with many links and suggestions to other health care related items.

This is a video of Caymus’ zits:

YouTube Preview Image

This is a video of Trigg’s zits:

YouTube Preview Image


Caymus Zits Close-Up

Caymus’ Zits Close-Up – the black specs are his zits.

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  1. Gabbi says:

    Hello, Floppycats!
    This article was actually very helpful. Of our three cats, the middle one [who is about 4 years old] has just started getting these black specks on his chin. He’s got a white chin and muzzle, so it’s really easy to spot these. My mom has found three so far… and I thought maybe they were scabs as the cats tend to play rough with eachother. But they actually pop, and like a normal human zit, a hard [sometimes puss] substance will come out. She joked about how he may have “Kitty Acne.” So, I googled it, and this was the first site I looked at… and confirmed that cats actually CAN get zits! [Which I think is hilarious!] None of these specks have turned white or got as big as the one shown in the picture, which is good. But thanks for the information on this! The article was super helpful!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for posting this and for the videos! My cat has had cat acne since I got her (10 years ago, how time flies!) and everyone I talked to about it told me it was fleas. She also over grooms and rips her fur out leaving bald patches on her belly, arms and tail. I knew it couldn’t be fleas since flea dirt doesn’t only show up on the chin and on her bald patches the skin is healthy. For some reason people don’t seem to know about feline acne even though it is so common! Thank you for posting this and increasing pet owners knowledge of pet health! Also your cats in the videos are both beautiful! :D

    • Jenny says:

      Oh how sad – yes, so many people don’t know what it is. And even in my videos where I say it looks like flea dirt, but it’s not, they still tell me it’s flea dirt. Oh well.

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