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So you have decided that you should purchase a cat water drinking fountain to replace your standard cat water dish.
One of the first draws of the drinking fountains is that it is constantly recirculating cat water. This adds oxygen to the water and also makes it more interesting for the cats to drink. Most cat owners know that their cat is naturally drawn to moving water. If the water is not moving then they will do everything they can to get it moving. Cats also prefer fresh water—recirculating water is one of the best ways to keep water fresher than stagnant water that can collect dust and debris in your home.

Another positive mentioned in reviews of cat water fountains is that the fountains can help stop some of the bad behaviors your kitty might have developed. The moving water might help satisfy their intense need to drink from a running faucet or keep them from sticking their paws in water glasses or their water bowl and knocking it over.

There are some things to think about before you decide on which of the cat water fountains to purchase.

  • What kind of replacement equipment will you have to purchase?
  • How much do replacement filters cost and how often will you have to replace them?
  • Look at the pump. Should something happen to it will you have to replace the whole water fountain or can you replace just the pump?

You want something that will require minimum maintenance and expenses after the initial purchase.

Another consideration is placement. There is a good chance the water fountain will make noise. Are you going to be able to place it somewhere that the noise will not bother anyone in the house? Also keep in mind that it will need to be placed by an electrical outlet. This could rule out the original spot that you have in mind.

A cat water drinking fountain can be a very good idea. Make sure to do your research before you purchase. There are many fountains out there and you want to make the right decision for you and your cat. Below are the three most popular cat water drinking fountains on the market: reader, Josephine said, “In my house we use a Cat it water fountain (see it in the second video below). The filters are reasonably priced and easy to find. It has a large reserve and needs to be filled no more then once every day or two. There is the sound of running water but no sound from the pump. Best of all my cats love it, and they are getting all the water they need.”

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Below you will find some videos of cats drinking water from a recirculating fountain, so you can see how they work.

Do you have additional information about the cat water drinking fountain? If so, please contact with any information we can add to this page or simply leave a comment below.

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  1. I’m on a campaign against plastic cat drinking fountains. They are BAD for cats. Not only chin acne but other very bad things, from the plastic itself and from bacteria that get into the scratches. So I found what I think is the best solution – ceramic cat drinking fountains, handmade in America, not China, and certified to be food-safe. The ones on this site, the Etsy, cat fountains site are also Beautiful. They are quiet and my two cats love them (I bought two, one for upstairs one down.) Check em out.

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