Cat Scratch Guards-Furniture Protectors

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Two 11 x 4.5 inch Cat Scratch Guards - Furniture ProtectorsDon't let your furniture get ruined from your cat’s scratching habits. Your cat can ruin your living room by scratching up the fabric of your sofa. It could cost you thousands of dollars when your cat has this habit. You can stop this by preventing your cat from claiming your furniture – as their very own cat scratch furniture.

The Cat Scratch Guards-Furniture Protectors will protect your furniture. They are clear vinyl and held in place with sturdy pins. You won't get any damage to your furniture with the pins as they are safe for all furniture. If you have bought a cat scratching pole, but still find that your cat is attracted to scratching your furniture – then this is the ticket for you.

End the scratching by focusing it to nothing but a cardboard cat scratcher. The furniture protectors will disable any scratching from your cat. If all goes well, your cat will see that they won't be able to scratch your furniture after you apply the furniture protectors to your furniture.

The great thing about this product is that it is very affordable. The price of the furniture protectors is pennies compared to what your furniture will cost to repair or replace. They come with two protectors in each package. Make sure to get enough for all your furniture.


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