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Today is the day to get cat products to test, I guess.  We also received cardboard cat scratcher from – their The Original Catpods.

I am immediately impressed with the size – of course, I can always read the dimensions online, but that never really helps me understand.

Apparently a 9" opening is big enough for Charlie and Trigg to fit comfortably laying down:

Charlie in The Original Catpods
The Original Catpods

Dimensions: 18" L x 11" W x 12" H (9" kitty opening)

Weight: 9 Lbs.

This sucker is sturdy as heck!  I loved how solid it is – maybe 9 lbs. is a lot for some folks, but I liked the solidness of it.

Here are a few videos I shot during the opening process:

Be on the look out for our full product review in the coming weeks on!

The Original Catpods retails for $69.99 and you can buy them online.

See more great photos of cats in Catpods on’s Facebook.

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