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The Cat Power Tower is an environment friendly cat scratching post made from Rubberwood, Sisal and Mohawk Everstrand carpet. This cat tower not only offers both scratching and stretching but also playing, hunting and lounging as well.Cat Power Tower

The Cat Power Tower is designed with three platforms, each having a unique function. The top platform acts as the lounging area. It can provide enough lounging space for up to like five adult Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdolls, for an instance.

The middle platform acts as the play area wherein an automatic moving feather carousel is embodied. The bottom platform serves as the hunting area. It has round holes wherein you can put a cat toy for your feline to hunt down and acts as an entertainment area too.

Cat parents have the option to choose between a two-tiered tower or a three-tiered one.

All parts of the Cat Power Tower (such as the scratching board, scratching post, platform tops, hunting hole platform pads, etc.) can be replaced without the need of buying a new set.

You can accessorize your Cat Power Tower with feather cat toys. To purchase Cat Power Tower for $399.95, visit

Does your cat already own a Cat Power Tower? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts with fellow cat owners in our forum.

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