Cat Brush and Comb – What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

| March 8, 2014 | 27 Comments
JW Grip Soft Comb and Charlie Cat Brush and Comb   What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

Charlie biting the JW Grip Soft Comb

I am asked a lot about cat brushes.  However, it is usually difficult to refer anyone to anything because Charlie and Trigg borderline hate cat brushes and combs.

We have reviewed quite a few – luckily Caymus and Murphy do not hate brushes or combs.  In fact, I have never had cats hates brushes and combs like Charlie and Trigg do…however, that usually doesn’t stop me.  One of my favorite cat grooming tools is the JW Pet Comb – I usually can grab it and get a matt out or a knot or just comb out hair to make it look nicer.

Here are some other cat brushes we have reviewed (along with our videos of each one) – do you have a favorite cat brush? Please list it below in the comments and be sure to include why you love it!

Here are brushes we have reviewed:

Rakom Cat Brush – Read our review or buy it here

0 Cat Brush and Comb   What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

JW Grip Soft Cat Brush – Read our review or buy it here

0 Cat Brush and Comb   What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

JW Pet Gift Soft Slicker Brush – Read our review or buy it here

0 Cat Brush and Comb   What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

Shedmonster – Read our review or buy it here

0 Cat Brush and Comb   What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

JW Pet Cat Comb – Read our review or buy it here

0 Cat Brush and Comb   What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

JW Pet Shedding Blade for Cats – Read our review or buy it here

0 Cat Brush and Comb   What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

KONG Zoom Groom Cat Brush Review - Read our review or buy it here

0 Cat Brush and Comb   What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

Tangle Teaser (made for humans, but Charlie likes it) – buy it here

0 Cat Brush and Comb   What Are Your Favorite Cat Grooming Tools?

What is your favorite cat brush and why?  Please leave comments below and be sure to include:

  1. Brand of cat brush, i.e. JW Pet
  2. Model of cat brush, i.e. Slicker Brush
  3. Price you remember paying for it – or link to where one can find it online
  4. Why you like it for your Ragdoll cat or if you don’t have a Ragdoll – what is their coat like and why do you like it?
  5. Can’t decide on just one?
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  1. My favorite brush to brush Nico&Anya is The Furminator (might have spelt that wrong), for long haired cats. Nico doesn’t really like to be brush like Charlie and Trigg, but Anya likes to be brushed. I like to use a flea comb on them too.

  2. Gloria Weissman says:

    My favorite comb is a circular tooth comb. It’s great for getting mats out and doesn’t pull like a regular cat comb. I use it on Bandit, my Ragdoll, and also on my long- haired Tortie. I got mine on eBay. From what I understood, Ragdolls have no undercoat, and for that reason I don’t use a Furminator. I do use a Teflon comb on my other short- haired cats.

    • Jenny says:

      Gloria – thanks for sharing – do you know who makes the comb you like? Can you provide a link to it on the Internet? That way others might be able to take a look =)


  3. Sharon says:

    The only brushes and combs I use are Chris Christensen..they’re expensive, but, my cats are worth it…NEVER USE FURMINATOR, they rip their fur out…ugh…

    I use the big buttercomb #011 , the 000 + 006 combs which are wide and narrow teeth, one is 8″ the other is about 5″‘ and have the 007 also..the brushes are roman number I I patent pending, the other is 20 and that s the smaller oval brush..I also have the larger oval, but dont have a number on it as I’m not near my grooming bag..I get them at shows occasionally, and in line from

    Chris Christensen NTS Staggered 1 1/4 Tooth Buttercomb 6″ Spine #011

    Fine/Coarse BUTTERCOMB by Chris Christensen

    Face Comb (Fine/Coarse) BUTTERCOMB by Chris Christensen 006

    7-inch Tail Teaser BUTTERCOMB by Chris Christensen

    Chris Christensen Wood Pin Brush 20mm Small 7.5 inches

    • Mary Hughes says:

      I purchased this Chris Christensen Wood Pin brush a couple of weeks ago (on Amazon), and I am thrilled with it. I had been using a small, plastic travel brush I used to keep in my cosmetics bag, but it created a lot of static electricity on my little girl’s coat. For that reason, she always cut short her grooming sessions by walking away. But this brush really does get down to the skin, separate the fur, and causes no static. For the first time in her two-year life, she’s letting me do a complete brushing. Thanks very much, Sharon for going to the trouble to post photos & links.

  4. Coinneach says:

    I’ve been using the Untangler – as in, one particular comb – on my floofs for 13 years: two Persians, a Ragdoll, and a DMH tortie. They’ve all thought it’s the best thing ever.

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, Coinneach – I just requested one for review! Hope they send it to us. I would love to find a comb that Charlie and Trigg don’t want to bite!

      • Dementia Boy says:

        Oh, they’ll still want to bite the comb, Jenny =). I’m looking at mine now and it has little bite marks from when Zen would steal it and apparently try to kill it. When the Untangler first came out, I was so impressed with it, that I bought combs for all my vets and cat friends. It was a Litter Lifter experience =). No mats on my cats!! It works well on all different longhair fur types–plush, silky, baby chick down, fluff, etc. I wouldn’t recommend it for shorthaired cats, though, even plush shorthairs like Exotic Shorthairs, because the teeth are too long.

        I can see it going through Charlie’s tail. I’d suggest holding the base of his tail with that arm pressed softly against his side and then just combing away. You’ll be amazed how much fur you get out.

    • Dementia Boy says:

      That’s my favorite, too, for longhaired cats, followed by JW’s rotating comb. Preference, I think, is determined by which feels better in your hand–I have both, because Zen always tried to hide them =).

      They don’t yank very much, although that doesn’t stop a cat from protesting. I could get William’s marshmallow fluff belly done before he started complaining. It’s amazing, and perhaps embarrassing, how much fur they get out. Maybe William had an exceptionally large head for a Ragdoll, but I could use the Untangler on his head; I use a flea comb on my other cats’ heads, whether long or short-haired.

    • Karrie says:

      Thanks for the information, I’ve been searching for a good comb/brush! I went to the untangler website you listed but there are so many combs to choose from?!?!? Do you recommend a specific comb for the extra fluffy rag? I have a beautiful blue bicolor raggie and she’s not too fluffy, but I’m picking up soon the newest member of our family, a gorgeous seal mitted blaze and she is a F-L-U-F-F-Y fluffy girl already at only 8 months! I’m so amazed at her beautiful coat, but I know the comb I use on my current sweetheart will get lost in all my new rags fluff! Thank you for any help you can give!

      • jolie cosette says:

        This is the one I use:

        I tried to copy a picture of it but I am utterly incompetent. It’s called the Kitty Kat Komb–hey, I’m not responsible for these stoopid names–and it’s fake mother-of-pearl, about five inches long.

        William was incredibly fluffy, especially on his tummy, tail and ruff. Patricia described it best: cotton candy.

        dementia boy

      • jolie cosette says:

        I just verified that my comb is the 5″ comb meant for short/medium-haired cats. Good thing I didn’t know that when I first bought it, because it really works on long-haired cats. There’s no way I can use it on Izzy, a plush short-haired cat; it hurts her.

        • Jenny says:

          thanks – so far i haven’t heard back from them, so not sure if we’ll get one…sometimes they don’t respond but just send the product, so we’ll see.

        • Karrie says:

          Thanks so much for the clarification! I just put my order through for the 5″ comb! It is misleading with the short/medium haired description!

          I’m newer to this site but it is so AWESOME for things such as this because only other ragdoll owners really understand issues specific to rags~ like hair care!

          Speaking of hair, I’m still waiting to experience my first hairball incident with my cat? She’s never, to my knowledge, ‘coughed’ one up? Is this because I brush her?

          Thanks again for the information!

          • Dementia Boy says:

            Yes!! Mostly =)

            It’s the beginning of shedding season now, so if you’re going to see a furball, now is the time. So keep up the brushing!!

            I think–and I have no empirical data to support this theory–that diet as well as general health are responsible for furballs or the lack thereof. A diet with more fat (or Omega 3s) gets the fur going out the opposite direction. A cat with health problems will often shed and upchuck more frequently.

            In 24 years, William had less than 10 hairballs. I could tell they were his because they were a light golden color (William was a flame-point Rag). The other cats were all torties, torbies, brown tabbies or other dark colors. William groomed his best friend constantly, the torbie shown as my avatar on YouTube. She is an immunological wreck and a non-stop shedder, so William *should* have had more hairballs than he did. But between brushing and a fairly high fat diet, Jolie’s fur went out the other way. That’s something to keep in mind when your new floof arrives if the cats begin grooming each other. Talk to your vet about putting some krill oil or other Omega 3 in their diets if you don’t want to use a high-fat cat food.

            Four paws up for brushing your bebe!!

          • Karrie says:

            Dementia Boy,

            Thank you SO much for the information on hair balls!! I will ask my vet about Omega 3 and also check the fat content in her food!

  5. patricia says:

    i’ve got to try that shedmonster! i have the furminator but i find on my big fluffy cat that it pulls on his hair and he hates it. i have to brush him a lot or he gets mats.. his hair underneath is like cotton candy, it’s so soft. another human brush that i use on my cats is the “michel mercier” professional. it comes in 3 different categories.. fine, medium and thick hair. the one i have is for fine hair. it has the different length bristles, they are plastic and you get 2 in a pack when you buy them. my cats just love being brushed with them and they are made to not pull on tangles so they are great if you have some tangles on your cats hair or mats that aren’t too serious. they do also get the undercoat and shed your cat but not extremely. i love the way it feels on my head so i can imagine that it feels great on a cats body. thanks for all the demos of the brushes jenny. charlie and trigg crack me up.. it’s funny how some cats really love to be brushed and some just hate it.

  6. Robin says:

    I am a slicker brush addict. I use a slicker brush with long wires during the winter, when my Ragdoll’s fur is really thick. She grows a big, thick ruff and seems to have an undercoat. In the summer I use a slicker brush with shorter wires. At the end of her grooming session, I hold her like a baby, belly up, and comb her underside with a flea comb. (She does not have fleas; I just think it’s better to use in that area.) My husband is very slightly allergic to cats, so i am a fanatic about grooming her. Can’t give my husband any reason for getting rid of her, can I?

  7. Gloria Weissman says:

    In reference to the comb I use, it’s made by Bamboo Care…dog/ cat rotating fine tooth comb. Listed on eBay .

  8. For me and my Pink Sugar baby, it’s the Shedmonster!

    Thanks for a great post. Really interesting to see what everyone prefers to use. :)

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar :)

  9. Gloria Weissman says:

    I purchased my rotating comb on ebay from a US seller…This listing is from an international seller, as were all the others. I was looking to post an item #, but couldn’t find one. Hope this link works…it’s only a picture.

    I entered Bamboo cat/dog comb.

  10. Barbee says:

    This was a great article and perfectly timed for the spring shed! I found several brands of the shedding blade in my local Cat Shoppe. I discovered it’s essentially a curry comb – used on horses and dogs. It does a fabulous job! Thanks!

  11. moon says:

    thanks for the great information. I got Luna the zoom kong brush but she does not seem to care for it. then again she only been with me three days. I think i will buy the shed monster. she is so little all the brushes at the store seem big.

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