Canine Cat Scratcher by The Company of Pets Arrives for a Product Review

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Canine Cat Scratcher by The Company of PetsToday is a happy day.  Long ago I requested a K9 cat scratcher from The Company of Pets, and they recently sent us one for a product review.  Woot!  Woot!  Talk about an interesting approach to cat climbing trees!

Why was I interested in this sisal cat scratching post dog?  I love it for so many reasons:

  • It’s ironically funny.  As I told Trigg, "It’s a doggie you are going to like."
  • It’s wrapped in Sisal.  I like sisal as a cat scratching material.  I also like that it is not a cardboard cat scratcher because we have a lot of those and I want the kitties to be used to a bunch of different products.
  • It’s hip.  Seriously, how good looking is this thing?  I feel like I don’t deserve to have it in my home because it’s too nice!
  • It’s just cool.  ’nuff said.

The Canine Cat Scratcher retails for $395.  It’s just gorgeous and sturdy.  I am so excited to watch the cats and how they use it over the next few weeks.  Trigg is a little apprehensive of it – looking at it twice to make sure it’s not a real dog.

Canine Cat Scratcher by The Company of Pets

There’s actually a giveaway for one going on over at moderncat this month.  You might be able to win one if you hurry and enter.

Here’s a video we took during the unwrapping process!


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