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Basil is our first Ragdoll. We are absolutely delighted with the little lad. I have been owned by Siamese for the last 40 years here in Australia and in the UK.

Last year, I lost my 8 year old Siamese Casper to diabetes, so very young. His sister Abbie missed him and became even more clingy so I thought about getting another cat.

Basil & Abbie

Basil & Abbie

I love Siamese but they are very demanding vocal cats so I did a lot of research on other breeds and was very excited about Ragdolls. These beautiful cats seemed to be the perfect breed for us. We have a four year old English Staffordshire Bull terrier so we wanted a cat that liked dogs.

Ruby and Basil

Ruby and Basil

I saw an advert in our local paper for Ragdolls and rang the breeder to ask if we could come and take a look. We had the choice of a boy or girl so decided upon a boy. The lady isn’t a registered breeder she had two Ragdolls and wanted to have a few litters. Glad to say the kittens were bred indoors and had a lively family of teenagers to play with them.



Basil has settled in really well, my hubby Tony and I are retired so have plenty of time to look after our pets. Basil loves Ruby  dog and bites her feet and beautiful Ruby stands very still so as not to tread on Basil. Abbie, the 9 year old Siamese is suddenly like a kitten again. We have two tall scratching/climbing poles and have ordered a 6 tier one with sleeping areas.



Basil has his own facebook account

so he needs more friends. His account is Ragdoll Basil Lewis from Adelaide, Australia.
Oh yes I have to tell you that Basil fell down the loo the other night just as my hubby was about to go. Basil was fast asleep in a chair and suddenly he flew down the hall and through Tony’s legs. Tony pulled him out fast and Basil got his first bath. He actually loves water is this normal for Ragdolls?

Love from Jenny & Basil

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  1. Maggie says:

    God bless Casper. =)
    Welcome Basil!…

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