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Bailey came to us via a friend of my daughter’s who was moving to Hawaii. I really didn’t want another cat (we had 3) but told Casey that if Lenna couldn’t find a home we would take her. And we did! She originally was found by Lenna and her mom and was never very people friendly. She took to Casey though, so we felt it would work out for us.
My other cats, didn’t really agree though. It took a while but everyone settled down. She hid upstairs in our other house, only coming down for meals. Gradually she became more comfortable.


Bailey and Kipp

Bailey and Kipp

Four years ago when we moved to this house, she decided that my bed and particularly, my king size pillow suited her! And so now she is my cat. And in charge of the other cats and our Welsh Terrier. We just recently discovered she was a ragdoll (Casey was looking at cats online and found your site), we just figured she was the prettiest cat we had ever seen.




Her favorite pastime is to sing into her water dish, then run down two flights of stairs and then back up and slide into my closet! Weird behavior, but you gotta love a cat that sings! Bailey also likes to eat! First in line in the morning and has to have “lunch” as well. She is about 11-13 years old now and in very good health. Sometimes we think she can’t hear, but I think it is more that she is deep in “cat” thought. We sneak up on her sometimes and she panics and takes off! So I think Bailey is probably typical of the breed, just more loveable than most other cats that we have had.

One more thing, when my husband was undergoing cancer treatment, Bailey was constantly curled up next to him. She is just the sweetest cat ever.

Bailey and Doug

Bailey and Doug

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  1. Betty says:

    This is the first time I have read about Bailey. She is a beauty – my Andy looks so musch like her. I love her story and am so impressed by how she took care of your husband. You are all in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this phase of her life. Now she will be one of your angels.

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