April 2012 Floppycats.com Giveaway: Keith Davitt’s Thirsty Cat Fountain on Etsy

| April 1, 2012 | 98 Comments

Keith Davitt of Thirsty Cat Fountains on Etsy is offering a great cat fountain up for grabs!

Above are 4 photos. The winner will select one of these styles and you can choose the color from currently and recently offered colors.

There is 1 winner.

This giveaway is limited to addresses in the USA and Canada.

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win one of Keith Davitt’s Thirsty Cat Fountains:

  1. subscribe to our e-mail updates (if you’re already subscribed to our e-mail updates and are an active subscriber, then you don’t need to re-subscribe – you’re already entered!).
  2. leave a comment on this post telling us why you’d like a Keith Davitt’s Thirsty Cat Fountain, for an additional entry!

Can’t wait? The coupon code floppycat2012 will give you 10% off any order. Readers can get a 10% discount WHEN YOU ENTER THE WORD floppycat2012 INTO THE COUPON CODE BOX. Underneath the payment options when you go to checkout are the words: “apply shop coupon code”.  Click on that and enter the code and 10% will automatically be deducted. 

A random winner will be chosen in a drawing on May 1, 2012.

Please consider liking Thirsty Cat Fountains on Facebook and following them on YouTube as a thank you for sponsoring this giveaway!

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Marcia says:

    My beautiful white Persian Donny was just diagnosed with some renal failure- his creatinine is above normal, and the Bun has been up for 6 months. He had 4 kidney stones surgically removed 5 years ago when he was blocked and they have done some damage. He needs extra water, and only wants fresh little dixie cups of water from the bathroom, which is getting difficult! He really needs one of these.We give him filtered water in his water bowls, but he won’t drink it. He was just switched from Royal Canin Urinary S.O to Royal Canin LP (low protein) which is upsetting. He has lost a pound!! since his check up 6 months ago.He just turned 13 and he is too young for kidney failure!! We lost his twin sister to PKD 6 years ago at age 6.7 so this feels like Deja Vu.

  2. Dana says:

    Oh, I love his stuff!! It’s so pretty!

  3. Jerri K says:

    I love a ceramic fountain, and these look very stylish!

  4. Maryann says:

    Our cats prefer a fountain over standing water any day! This would be a beautiful replacement for our big, utilitarian-looking Drinkwell fountain.

  5. Michelle Spayde says:

    I LOVE these fountains!!!! I’m crossing my fingers (and toes) on this one!

    My cats love moving water, and one of the girls is always at the faucet waiting for someone to turn it on.

  6. Kathy Baker says:

    Our cat LOVES moving water! He would love this! Thanks so much for the chance!

  7. Orbie says:

    I really like the blue one, although they are all very good looking!

  8. Linda says:

    Wow!!! What a coicidence!!! We were just looking for ceramic or stainless cat watering fountains. These are so attractive-I love the blue one!

  9. Melissa says:

    Sebastian is so finicky where he will drink water. I wonder if he will drink from one of these. He will only drink from a glass bowl if it is sitting in the bathroom. He will only drink the water if it is extremely fresh, meaning as soon as I fill it is up and put the bowl down. I have tried different bowls, different fountains, different areas, etc. He used to drink from the toilet and water from my houseplants. I am hoping I will be a winner. Fingers and paws crossed.

  10. Lisa 'n Snoopy says:

    LOVE these fountains…stylish AND ceramic! My boys love running water, so these are my choice!

  11. Lilly says:

    subscribed! my mops and I would love one of these tiful fountains because it would Getty them drinking more water! they use a plastic fountain now because one of mine won’t drink still water and got blocked 🙁

  12. Jenny Schweitzer says:

    These are so neat! My kitties would love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Amy Orvin says:

    I’d like a Keith Davitt’s Thirsty Cat Fountain because my fountain’s motor just burned out and I would love another fountain for my babies!


  14. Charlotte says:

    Love the colors and style

  15. laura k says:

    These are both beautiful and practical and I have 2 thirsty cats!

  16. Katie M says:

    My Oliver will meow in the middle of the night at least twice for me to turn on the shower so he can get a drink of water! I have tried metal, plastic and ceramic bowls but he won’t drink out of them?! Maybe this bowl will sound like the shower and please him!!

  17. I have 5 cats that would loveto drink out of one of these beautiful cat fountains, 4 of them have birthdays coming up soon

  18. Pamela C says:

    TheKindle loves their current fountain but the plastic is awful. As of today we are back in horror, so how can we start investigative reporting to get all the other entries kicked out? Ok, just kidding. Modern Cat reviewed these, I like them, the design is nice for cats! Wanna win! Insanely

  19. Gale says:

    Im taking care of two beautiful cat now & they would love this.

  20. Diane says:

    These fountains by Keith Davitt are not only beautiful but serve such an important purpose…..getting our kitties to drink more water. His creations would make a wonderful addition to any home and would be much appreciated by our feline children. We have entered several times to try to win…..lets hope this time will be a winner!

  21. helena mlinek says:

    my cat has a sick obsession with drinking from the dripping rusty tub faucet and the sink , i have had to shut her out of the restroom for a little over a year now due to this problem she just loves running water , this would be ideal for her ….

  22. Kim says:

    They are so pretty. Leo my new flame ragdoll kitten would go nuts over this. He loves running water. An ice cube in the bowl of water is the best thing in the world to him. So hope he wins.

  23. Lynn Harris says:

    I have 3 Ragdolls plus another cat and 2 dogs. Although I keep several different bowls of water around the house, they all want to drink from just 1-2. It’s hard keeping fresh water in them. I constantly hear meowing to change the water and this would be perfect to keep them happy! I’m really hoping to win on of these beautiful fountains!

  24. Nikki says:

    This is a lovely fountain…both aesthetic and utilitarian! I know I would appreciate the aesthetics and my five fur-babies would definitely appreciate the utility! They currently have a fountain, but hate when it is “down for cleaning” and they have to drink from a straight bowl!!!

  25. CathyH says:

    I love pottery and my cat loves to drink out of the sink, this would make us both happy!

  26. Diane says:

    My one kitty, oliver LOVES drinking water especially from the faucet! I love that these fountains keep the water fresh and moving!

  27. These are beautiful – I love the blues – and the variety on the designs

  28. Nicki says:

    Subscribe to your newsletter

  29. Nicki says:

    My two kitties have a new favorite activity – drinking out of my water glass at night. I change their water two or three times a day, but I think they prefer water that is even fresher. It is to the point now where I have to keep a glass on my night stand full for them all day. I think they would love having this fountain!

  30. Liz says:

    These are simply beautiful! My kitties would love this and so would I!

  31. Teresa says:

    Have 6 thirsty kitties who would love the chance to have a drinking fountain and one of them is a renal failure patient so drinking as much water as possible is very important. These are truly beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. Judy says:

    Very nice water dish! After having male cats with urinary blockages, I know all too well the importance of having water available for my cats. My 3 are forever finding new ways to get a drink and think their water dish is boring. They would LOVE a ceramic bowl like this!

  33. kimberli says:

    I have been looking for a fountain for my kitties and these are just beautiful. Would love one…

  34. These are soo amazing! My cats love water (mostly, playing in it) and I know they would have a blast with one of these beautiful dishes! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  35. Paula Corman says:

    My two cats just love moving water so I believe that this dish would be perfect for them.

  36. Nancy says:

    My two ragdolls would love these gorgeous ceramic bowls, but after reading Marcias post about her Persian, I think she deserves it. Sick kitties deserve special treatment!

  37. I am sure hoping that Tabby Cats are allowed to enter because my mom and I LOVE the artistic look of these fountains! They are almost too attractive and artsy to drink out of.

    Mom is dying to win one for me because she wants me to stop drinking out of my dog brother’s bowl. This just might make me stop doing that!

    Plus…today is my 5th birthday and for a 5th birthday she wants to win me something extra special!

    She also likes that she doesn’t think she sees an electrical cord to operate these fountains. Is that true?

    Thanks for such a great give-away, oh and we have been subscribers via email for quite some time now.

    cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  38. Janet S says:

    Beautiful artisan waterfountains. Glazed ceramic clay is easy to clean and sanitize.

  39. John says:

    They look great and I think my ragdolls would enjoy a water fountain.

  40. kristin says:

    i just recently bought one of these fountains for my babies and they love it i would love to win another for them. thanks so much for offering such great stuff for us FLOPPYCATS!!

  41. Alicia says:

    I take care of my kitty and a neighbors. They both need to drink more water, and this fountain would get them interested. Thank you for the chance to win one. They are very cool.

  42. Lisa Alexander says:

    These are so beautiful! I particularly like the first one. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  43. Shadie Kaye's Mom says:

    These are so very stylish and I love the colors! Having a fountain with the aerated water always at hand would be great with my houseful of kittehs >^..^<

  44. Nan says:

    All of my cat family would love this fountain but especially my two older ones who just love running water. Thanks so much for such a great chance to win one.

  45. Samantha says:

    My cat’s love to drink running water, so I know they would love this drinking fountain! Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve been eyeing these up for quite some time now!

  46. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Please enter Yoshi kitty to win you fountain. Thank you.

  47. Shellie says:

    We’ve been though 2 of the plastic kitty fountains. The Plastic is yucky. I’d love to try a ceramic one for our kitties. I’m partial to the darker blue one with the bubbler spout but the kitties might prefer one of the two center choices where the spout has more of a platorm and a water fall effect_ Perhaps the grayish one woth the ‘flower’ like spout.

  48. Stephen says:

    Eddie waits patiently every time we turn on a faucet and with one of these fountains he would be satisfied. Can’t really decide which one looks better because they are all nice.

  49. Keith Davitt says:

    To address the question about there being an electric cord – there is. The fountains use a small, top of the line aquarium pump, however unlike many fountains the cord goes out the base of the fountain at the back, yet the pump is still easily replaced when or if necessary. I’ve been making these fountains for over 2 years and they are all still going strong.

  50. Dorothy Silecchia says:

    They are great and i just love that they are ceramic, I know my Romeo would love to have one!

  51. Susan says:

    These fountains are wonderful and really do encourage the cats to drink more water.

  52. Amy Zhou says:

    Stylish AND ceramic! I just got my seal bicolor Ragdoll boy from his breeder. He is 12 weeks old and loves running water. I have been looking for such water foundation so he gets attract and drinks more.

    email subscriber: chowy8 (at) gmail.com

  53. Alina says:

    Hi they are beautiful! And i would really want one because i’m actually a teenager getting my first ragdoll kitten this June and i couldn’t be more excited. I did a bit of research and found out that some kittens don’t drink water out of there bowls. But i heard they prefer running water , so i want the best for my future kitten. And this would help me a lot! Thanks!

  54. Tina says:

    I have been looking for a cat fountain. These fountains are so stylish!

  55. Geo says:

    I am always trying to get my boys to drink more water! A fountain like this would be fabulous! It is beautiful AND practical and we would LOVE to win one! : )

  56. Heather N says:

    I have four cats and having two water bowls inside and another water place for the cats outside, is not enough. I would love to have one of these beautiful fountains and so would my cats!

  57. Jenny says:

    2 two ragdolls would love to sip from this fountain 🙂 It would be a great b-day gift for them both.

  58. Donna F says:

    These are beautiful. I recently had to replace my kitchen faucet b/c it was constantly running. Unfortunately my kitties did not appreciate having their water fountain cut off. This would be a great and environmentally sound replacement.

  59. Kristy says:

    I bought one of Keith’s fountains for my kitties and they love it – and I love the look and sound of it in my entry way! Would totally be thrilled to have another one in my home!

  60. Tessa says:

    I'[ve been looking for a new fountain for Tessa. She has recently slid back into drinking from the faucet. This one looks easy to clean which is so important. She only will drink moving water. I’ve always wondered what will happen if we have to leave for a hurricane , I’d have to take her fountain,and the Keith Davitt’s Thirsty Cat Fountain would be easy to carry along. Thanks for considering us in your drawing.

  61. Elise says:

    Now this is something my Miss Vera would certainly feel she is entitled to.

  62. Karen Hand says:

    My boys would love one of these beautiful fountains please enter me in your drawing.

    Thanks Karen

  63. Alissa says:

    My cat LOVES water. She is one of the 99% of cats that doesn’t like food but just adores fresh water. We change it for her twice a day, and that gets exhausting! I would absolutely love a “fountain” water bowl that is constantly fresh!

  64. Janet S says:

    My Miku would love one of these beautiful fountains.

  65. Angela V says:

    My kitty, Monkey only likes to drink running water and our Pet mate fountain just quit.
    We would love to win, these fountains are beautiful works of art, and would be much cleaner and safer for the cats to drink from.

  66. Jo says:

    These look so cool. And also look easy to keep clean.
    Love them.

  67. Joan Chavez says:

    I would be so happy if I am the lucky winner of Keith’s water fountain. I have a precious kitty named Buddy who was a stray who has enhanced my life. I would really like to win this beautiful fountain for him! I love him so much! Thanks for offering this fabulous giveaway!

  68. Phoenix says:

    My cats get thirsty after a hard day’s play, & these fountains are so much more appealing than the usual kind you see.

  69. Donna L. says:

    My cat baby would love to win this because he is a fussy eater and prefers his dry food to his wet food.I worry that he’s not getting enough water, so this very attractive fountain would entice him to drink more!

  70. Marjorie L. says:

    I’d love to win this fountain because it is absolutely gorgeous and my cat would be so excited by the moving water.

  71. nick a. says:

    My cat loves playing with water so I would love to win this fountain so he can have fun as he drinks his water.

  72. Darcy gray says:

    Id love one of these fountains! Beautiful, function able art!

  73. Christiane says:

    I love fountains – especially if it is one of a kind! My Binx would love it too!

  74. Stacie Eggert says:

    My three would love to have one of these.


  75. Nance Epstein says:

    My own cat and my foster kitties would LOVE one of these beautiful fountains. I have several of the cheapo fountains you can get at the pet stores. While the cats do enjoy the running water, those inexpensive units break so quickly, are noisy, and are just plain unattractive. I would love to be able to replace what I have now with one of Keith Davitts’ gorgeous creations!

  76. Christy says:

    I think these are the coolest things I’ve ever seen, and so much more beautiful than the cheap-o plastic ones sold in the store. We currently have river rocks in the bottom of our bowls so the cats can see the water level, but they are always drinking out of the indoor fountain. They would totally LOVE this!!!

  77. Anne says:

    I would LOVE to win this for my felines because I have one that will only drink out of the bathroom sink, another who will only drink out of the faucet in the shower, and one beautiful feline who will drink out of anything. I would hope this awesome fountain would attract all of my furballs into drinking out of it so that I can stop leaving the faucet on all day!

  78. Fiona W says:

    My cats love the sound of running water (I have to keep them away when I’m brushing my teeth). These ceramic bowls are beautiful!

  79. Rachel B says:

    My cat would love this. She love to play with moving water. She would have a blast. Plus these fountains are beautiful.

  80. Lisa S says:

    I have one rescue cat and I am purchasing my very first ragdoll kitten which I will pick up at the airport on May 11th. I would love to win any of the above fountains for my pretty babies!

  81. Tiffany says:

    What beautiful fountains. Our new ragdoll baby will be coming home with us on May 24 th. I am sure he would love to have such a nice fountain.

  82. Wendy says:

    These look AMAZING!! My daughter got her first Ragdoll and this is EXACTLY what she needs! If this works as great as I think it will, I want one for my son too. He has two Bengals that LOVE, LOVE the water.

    Thanks for a chance to win one and try it out!!

  83. kristina says:

    I have a cat that loves to drink from the bathroom sink, or from my cup of water anytime I put it down. This might help encourage her to drink from her own bowl of water!

  84. Rochelle says:

    My 6 month old ragdoll, Liam loves moving water and these are so much prettier than the ones i see at the petstore!

  85. Kathy says:

    My Ragdoll kitty has a Drinkwell fountain that she absolutely LOVES! I think the movement of the water encourage her to drink more. I would love to have one of your fountains – they are works of art!

  86. Krista says:

    I would love to receive one of these fountains. My kitty is a dry food addict and I can not get him to eat any sort of wet food. As a result he drinks A LOT of water. I think one of these fountains would look so gorgeous in my house 🙂

  87. Diane S. in SC says:

    The colors and designs are beautiful. I would love one of these for my rag boys.

  88. Carol King says:

    What a wonderful product. I wish I could have one for my 2 sweet kitties ’cause I know how important it is for them to be well hydratrated. They would love it!

  89. Ruby Zamora Baker says:

    I love the idea of this water foundation! I never post like this but I want this!

  90. Michelle M. says:

    They are beautiful–but for me, I am equally interested because they are made out of materials that I can thoroughly sanitize! Most of the commercial fountains are ugly and plastic. Plastic is next to impossible to sanitize properly, in particular if it is not perfectly smooth or gets scratched. I breed and show kitties–their water gets disinfected just about every day to keep them healthy and prevent the ugly chin acne! I would LOVE to try one of these, and if it is the hit I suspect it will be, purchase several more 🙂

  91. Nicole says:

    I do not live in the USA or Canada, I live in The Netherlands. But I would love to pay for the shipping costs if I should win the contest! I am serving 3 cats at the moment and they love fountains and moving water. However, my old fountain has broken down and I have not been able to afford a new one yet. The one you are giving away is a really beautiful fountain, it would be a wonderful replacement for my old one!

  92. Paula Corman says:

    I just love having a second chance on winning Keith Davitt’s cat dish. Like I said the first time my two cats love running water. I believe it helps them to drink more…………….

  93. Linda P-C says:

    My two Ragdolls, Splashy! and Zoey, are both very good drinkers – a blessing, since I lost my last rescue cat, Fred, to renal failure. The Raggies will ONLY drink ‘running’ water. I would love to have a good pet fountain, one suitable to be set up in the pool cage/lanai/enclosed garden area so that they could have access to good, clean water and won’t be tempted to either go without a drink or to drink from the pool (chlorine!) while we are ‘outdoors’ – neither one of them wants to take even a moment away from their outdoor time to go inside and get a drink. Thanks for your consideration! Much love from SplashMan and Hello!Zoey – and from me, too.

  94. Cirena says:

    I would absolutely love one of these ceramic waterers because I’ve been wanting to buy one, but these are SO pretty! I’ve always held back because I tend to prefer looks over function haha not a good thing to do! My Silver would adore this!

  95. Anne and Bach, the thirsty one says:

    Hello! We were not even aware that cat fountains were available and we are thrilled to put our names on the list! Bach discovered the kitchen sink faucet several months ago when I was watering plants, and now he is up on the counter every time he hears the water running. I can be in the middle of a huge dinner preparation or he can be resting in a different room, and he makes his way to the sink once the water is on! Pawing at the stream is of course part of the routine so that I have water splashed all over the counters and floors. And when he gets too much air in this stomach, there is the necessary belly rub. Bach and I would love for him to have his own little fountain. Thanks for your consideration!

  96. missy keesee says:

    I have four cats and I would love to have one!

  97. Rachel says:

    i have a 10 yr old ragdoll name diamonds. she is very pickie on her water dish.she loves her water so she has a big bowl,the problem is she likes it full all the time and if its not shell sit there and stare till i fill it up,which is like a half inch missing out of this big bowl. my cat makes me laugh. i love her lots. i think she would really like this.

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