Acupuncture for Cats – Trigg’s Acupuncture Experience

| November 17, 2011 | 6 Comments
Trigg receiving acupuncture

Trigg receiving acupuncture

If you read my post about Charlie’s acupuncture for cats post, then you knew that this post about Trigg was coming.

Trigg visited pet acupuncturist Pat Perkins, DVM on October 11, 2011.

Dr. Perkins said that Trigg has a mild Yin deficiency.  No other abnormalities were noted.  She wasn’t able to completely identify his element (i.e., Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal or Water) – but said that he was probably metal element with mild false heat.  As a result of that diagnosis, she recommended cooling foods like Fish, Duck, Rabbit, Turkey, Beef, Brown Rice, Barley and Sweet Potato – and to avoid foods that are heating like Chicken, Lamb, Venison, Oats, Oatmealor Corn.


He did unbelievably well after we came home (ridiculously relaxed all the time, which was nice to see because I have never understood his spooked personality – I know I need to talk to an animal communicator about it!) – but Dr. Perkins had asked me to make sure I monitor him for 2 weeks and if he reverted to his skiddish tendencies (these flare up), then to let her know.  About 2 weeks after his treatment, I accidentally kicked him when he was behind me in the kitchen and I turned around too fast while making dinner – this instigated all of his tendencies again.

The Pat Perkins Effect

The Pat Perkins Effect

Teapills prescribed on 11-1-11

Teapills prescribed on 11-1-11

So, on November 1, 2011, my mom and I were at Canine Performance Medicine for Tucker’s Acupuncture and I told Dr. Perkins about Trigg and how he is acting spooked again.  She prescribed him 60 Shen Calmer teapills (cost me $9.68) that I will give to him twice a day for a month.  After 2 days, I saw a complete change in him – calm and relaxed again…borderline stoned, which is fine by me!

So far so good, within 48 hours of giving him the teapills, he is calm and relaxed again – with no spooked tendencies.  I now call him, “Shen Chiggy!” I have to put the teapill down his throat because I think chewing it would be a bad experience and therefore, he would never eat them again.  Trigg is an incredibly easy cat to pill and always has been!  Thank you Rags for having that in your genes.

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  1. Beth says:

    This is really fascinating, Jenny! I hope Chiggy continues feeling better. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Mika says:

    I think there is a vet not too far from my city that provides acupuncture/chiropractic treatment for pets. My family and I receive acupunture therapy/herbal meds, and it so effective. I think it is great you got it for your cats. Trigg looks like he’s found complete bliss in that pic all sprawled out : )

    • Jenny says:

      Yes, that’s a perfect description, “Complete Bliss” – he is like that every day now with those tea pills. He’s doing wonderful – I cannot say enough good things about acupuncture when it’s done right!

  3. Very interesting! I can’t believe how good he was for the needles.

    Those tea pills must be amazing to relax him like that. Very cool!

    Thanks for sharing this with us

    • Jenny says:

      He was much better than Charlie – but I guess Charlie being a fire element is supposed to be more difficult than Chiggy would be. He is soooo good about the tea pills – I put them in his mouth and he just swallows. A little angel that Chiggy!

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