10% Off all Tick and Thistle Outdoor Eco Friendly Cedar Cat Trees

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71 Inch Outdoor Cat Tree Eco Friendly Cedar, Rustic - 4 Levels, 4 PerchesJust in time for the holidays, Tick and Thistle have marked down the prices on all of their outdoor cat climbing trees. These sales save about $30 on average for each model, of which there are four. Each cat tree is eco-friendly and is made of solid wood, not particle board or anything like that. These designs are best suited for outside as they are large and durable. Basically, the point of the solid wood is to help this cat tree withstand the elements. The tallest model reaches 71 inches.

This kind of cat scratching tree is built to last. The perches use slats so that rain water will fall through and not form puddles on each shelf. None of the cedar wood used has been treated, and what little stainless steel goes into the design is rust resistant. All of the resting spots for your cat use wood so they don’t grow too hot or too cold according to the whim of the elements. The cat perches don’t use carpet either because it is made from petrochemicals.

Something worth noting ā€“ apparently fresh cedar is an insect repellant of sorts. This doesn’t mean you should opt out of the bug spray next time, but it is certainly a perk of these Tick and Thistle designs. Cedar also tends to feel cool on hot days and warm on cold days due to its thermal insulation capabilities. These cat trees are currently going for between $229.50 to $314.10 (before shipping). Check them out if you’re in need of a sturdy, outdoor cat perch post.

Buy Tick and Thistle cat trees online.

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  1. I agree with R.M., these are very cool! Nice option for those folks who have a safe outdoor area for their cats to roam and explore! šŸ™‚ <3

  2. Shhhhhh. Not too loud. Pink Sugar will hear….then I’ll really be in trouble if she sees all the awesome cat trees highlighted on Floppycats! lol šŸ™‚ <3

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